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Pagal Nilavu 02-08-2018 Vijay tv Serial-Episode 594

Watch Pagal Nilavu Vijay tv serial 02.08.18 | Vijay TV serial Pagal Nilavu 02/08/18 Latest Today Episode 594 Online
Pagal Nilavu 02-08-2018 Vijay tv Serial | 02-08-2018 Pagal Nilavu Vijay tv serials | Star Vijay Tv Pagal Nilavu 02nd August 2018

Directed By : Francis Kathiravan

Produced By : K. J. Ganesh

Cast : Vignesh Karthick, Soundarya Bala Nandakumar, Syed Anwar Ahmed, Sameera Sherief

Tamil Mass Serials

Vijay tv Serials, Pagal Nilavu

Vijay tv Serial Pagal Nilavu 02nd August 2018 Episode 594

Serial story revolves around Revathy (Sindhu), Collector return to the native place with her son Karthik (Vignesh Karthick), Sakthivel is a Minister he is with his Second wife Malarvizhi and their son Named Prabhakaran (Syed Anwar Ahmed), Karthik has revenge with Sakthivel’s family, meanwhile Andal (sister of Sakthivel) and Azhagar’s (brother of Revathy) daughters Revathy (Soundharya Bala Nandakumar) and Shakthi (Sameera Sherief) are trying to unite the family and so they love Karthick and Prabha. Karthick, Prabha, Jr.Revathy and Jr.Shakthi join the same college. Karthick and Jr.Revathy fall in love for each other likewise Prabha and Jr.Shakthi too fall for each other. Though they belong to the same family they all are rival among themselves. Elder ones of the family decide not to marry their child to relations. Karthik and Prabha clash at each other often. Though Sakthivel live with is second wife he has unforettable love towards his first wife Revathy. So he comes often to see Revathy and his son Karthick. This make both Revathy and Karthick uncomfortable. When Revathy was about to be arrested for 1 crore rupee bribe case (though she is innocent), Sakthivel confess that it was his money to save Revathy. Malar who gets angry throws Sakthi out of the house and he also loses his minister post. A guiltful Revathy takes Sakthi to her home to help him. Whether Kartik understands Father Sakthi’s love, Prabhakaran accepts Karthick as his brother, Whether they reunite or not will be shown in the upcoming episodes with many twists and turns.

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